It is true that artwork that is created by hand preserves its value throughout the years. Having studied the ancient Greek art and craftsmanship of the metal processing, we create in our workshops selected artwork.

Four decades now, the creation of such artwork in museum replicas, sculpture, jewelry, interior decoration and business gifts, is the exclusive objective of the Philippakis workshops.

Working with various materials, such as, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, marble and resin, we create by hand artwork of high aesthetic. Absolute consistency, creative mood and above all, guarantee of originality characterize each and every cooperation that we are engaged in.

Our constant devotion to quality is certified by our long-term cooperation:
· Benaki Museum,
· Museum of Cycladic Art - Nicolas P. Goulandris,
· National Archaeological Museum of Athens,
· Jewish Museum of Athens,
· Collections Helleniques S.A.,
· Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens,
· Zoumboulakis Galleries, and
· Astrolavos Gallery.

Other major cooperations are:
· British Museum,
· Louvre Museum,
· Pieridis Museum of Cypriot Art,
· "Thalassa" Museum, Ag. Napa, Cyprus,
· Historical Archives - Nautical Museum of Hydra Island,
· Nautical Museum of Nea Koutali, Lemnos Island,
· The Municipal Cultural Center of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Philippakis workshops were also engaged in various decorative works, such as, the Mirabello Hotel in Agios Nicholaos in Crete, the Athens Hilton Hotel, buildings of the National Tourism Organization, restaurants, and stores in Greece and abroad.

We also accept requests from companies, organizations and individual artists which are interested to create something unique for a specific occasion / event, for example, an annual dealers meeting, a special business anniversary, Christmas gifts and other promotional events.

Parallel to the above mentioned cooperations we have created a separate decorative line -"Philippakis Art Originals" - which consists of frames that picture themes mainly form Ancient Greece. They are made by silver-plated copper, with coloring created by natural oxidation of metals, as well as, other decorative items, such as, paper-weights, knifes, helmets, clocks, which are made by bronze, copper, aluminum, combined with marble and wood.

"Philippakis Art Originals" items are accompanied by full description of the finding in Greek and in English, the certificate of EOMMEX and bear as guarantee of originality our trademark and signature.