'PHILIPPAKIS Art Originals' participates in exhibitions since 1970 in Greece and abroad, with many awards and distinctions. One of the most important was that in Munich at the International Exhibition of Creative Craftmanship, in 1975 (3001 - Sail yacht, artist, Eleftherios A. Philippakis).

For the past years we constantly participated at the exhibitions:
° Technima - Parousies, at the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, Phaliron, Greece, 1999-2002.
° 39th Special Exhibition of Hellenic & Contemporary Creations, M.E.C. Paiania, Athens, Greece, 2003
° 41st Special Exhibition of Hellenic & Contemporary Creations
  devision of Creative Craftmanship, M.E.C. Paiania, Athens, Greece, 2004.
° «Gold Silver Oct. 2007» at Μ.Ε.C. Paiania, Athens, Greece
° «Museum Expressions, Paris Jan 2008»
° «Greek & Contemporary Creations», Paiania, Athens, Greece, Sept. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.